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The Impact of Work Load, Work Discipline And Work Productivity on Employee Performance of the Finishing Department At Pt Indoneptune Net Manufacturing Bandung Regency

Kiska Suci Primasti
Elsa Maesa
Syifa Amelia
Arie Soleh Permana, SE, SH, MM


The first manufacturing company in Indonesia, PT Indoneptune Net Manufacturing is engaged in the manufacture of fishing nets. There are four departments at PT Indoneptune Net Manufacturing, namely Spinning, Netting, Finishing and Packing. The main problem in this research is the workload that increases caused by a lot of employees who quit their jobs and employees who retire, lack of employee discipline such as employees who arrive late as well as decreased work productivity caused by machine constraints. The purpose of this research to find out the influence of workload, work discipline and work productivity on the performance of employees of PT Indoneptune Net Manufacturing. This research uses quantitative methods where the instrument uses a questionnaire. Employees in the finishing department at PT Indoneptune Net Manufacturing were the population in this study, the sample taken was 100 respondents. The analyzes used in this study include validity test, reliability test, normality test, classical assumption test, partial test, simultaneous test and determination test. From the results of this research, it can be concluded that there is a significant influence between the independent variables on the dependent variable. Simultaneously it can be concluded that workload, work discipline and work productivity affect employee performance.

Keywords: Workload, Work Discipline, Work Productivity and Employee Performance. ,


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