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The Role of The Management of Masjid At-Taubah in Religious Activities, Formation and Strengthening of Sakinah Families to Help Reduce the Trend of Divorce

Fadhilah Aliffa Sasmita
Tedi Suryadi
M. Hilwan Al-Ghafiqi Khodimul K


The increasing trend of divorce is a serious concern in society, and sakinah families are considered a solution to overcome this problem. This study aims to explore the role of the administrators of Masjid At-Taubah in religious activities, formation and strengthening of sakinah families to help reduce the trend of divorce. Qualitative research methods with a case study approach are used to gain a deep understanding of the role of mosque administrators in an effort to form a harmonious family based on Islamic teachings. The results showed that the management of the At-Taubah mosque has a key role in religious programs that focus on fostering and strengthening the sakinah family. They design and organize a variety of programs, including lectures, recitations, parenting classes, family counseling, and workshops based on Islamic values. In implementing the program, mosque administrators actively involve all family members in religious activities, encouraging good communication and active involvement of married couples and other family members. Through these efforts, the mosque management succeeded in forming a sakinah family that has a common commitment and goal to achieve happiness in the world and the hereafter. The support and guidance provided by mosque administrators helps married couples overcome domestic problems and face life's challenges with full awareness of the teachings of Islam. This study concludes that the role of the administrators of the At-Taubah mosque in religious activities, formation and strengthening of sakinah families is very important in helping to reduce the trend of divorce. Religious programs organized by the mosque create an environment that supports the formation of harmonious and happy families based on Islamic values. It is hoped that with the active role and commitment of the mosque management, the sakinah family can become a solid foundation in forming a prosperous and peaceful society.



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