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Preparation of Reading Comprehension Assessment Instrument for Mild Intellectual Disability Children Class Viii at Slb Mekar Sari 2 Bogor City

Zulfa Rahmah Effendi
Fina Nur Azizah
Ina Ramadhani
Nurul Aulia


Educational opportunities for ABK who need special education, one of which is their mentally disability children who have limitations in the development of intellectual intelligence accompanied by limitations in adaptive behavior. This research uses a descriptive method with a qualitative approach. The subjects of the study consisted of one teacher and three intellectual disability children. Data collection techniques are carried out through the process of observation, interviews, FGD documentation studies and validation. The results showed that the ability to read comprehension in grade VIII children with intellectual disabilities at SLB Mekar Sari 2 Bogor City was not optimal, as seen from the ability of children to understand the content of reading moderately while the intonation of reading was still low. Recommendations are aimed at the school so that they should be able to implement the assessments that have been made and for the principal should give direction to the class teacher in compiling reading comprehension assessment instruments.

Keywords: Preparation, Reading Comprehension Assesment Instrument, Mild Intellectual Disability Children. ,


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