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The Effect of Using the Eclectic Method on Maharoh Al Kalam Learning

Imam Asrofi
Ikhsan Firmansyah
Yana Mulyana
Kika Mudrikatussalimah
Putri Nais Nur'aeni


Arabic language skills and proficiency are divided into four, namely listening skills (maharah al-istima'), reading skills (maharah al-qira'ah), speaking skills (maharah al-kalam), and writing skills (maharah al-kitabah). Mastery of Arabic in the aspect of language skills is one of the problems that occur among students, the difficulties faced by students in learning Arabic are influenced by the lack of knowledge of Arabic, because most of them do not have a basic Arabic language. The purpose of this study is to analyze the application, advantages, and disadvantages of eclectic methods in developing speaking skills (Maharah al-kalam). The approach used in this research is a quantitative approach with a Quasi-experimental method. The population in this study was 102 students, while the sample in this study was class 10 majoring in Mathematics and Natural Sciences as many as 36 students, and Social Sciences as many as 35 students. The results showed that results of the calculation of the N-Gain Score test showed that the average N-Gain Score for the experimental class was 69.4149 or 69.4%, including in the moderately effective category with a minimum N-Gain Score value of 37% and a maximum of 90.91%. Meanwhile, the average N-Gain Score for the control class is 34.0139 or 34%, including the ineffective category with a minimum N-Gain Score value of 12.12% and a maximum of 100%. The research concluded that the use of eclectic methods that combine audio-lingual and communicative methods is quite effective on speaking skills (maharah al kalam) class X MIA MA Manbaul Huda, while eclectic methods that only combine reading and translation methods are not effective on speaking skills (maharah al kalam) class X IIS MA Manbaul Huda. The recommendation that the author gives is that teachers should be able to use the right method when carrying out the learning process that is tailored to the conditions and circumstances of the students so that the learning process can run well and the objectives of learning can be achieved.



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