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The Use of Learning Media Cross Puzzles to Increase Vocabulary for Class Iii Middle Mind Students at Slb Gelora Karya Majalengka

Dwi Endah Pertiwi
Assyifa Nur Haqiqi
Aynun Mardinah
Anisa Dewi Pebrianti
Sri Puji Astuti


Mental retardation is someone who has intellectual disabilities whose IQ is below the average normal person, with several classifications, namely mild mental retardation, moderate mental retardation, severe mental retardation and very severe mental retardation, even though they have intellectual disabilities. One of the weaknesses of mentally retarded students is the inability to capture information which is influenced by low vocabulary mastery which results in students' language development being hampered. This study aims to improve the vocabulary mastery of mild mentally retarded children in introducing family members. This research uses quantitative research with the type of pre-experimental design with one group pretest posttest design. The statistical technique for analyzing research data is the Wilcaxon matched pairs test. Data collection techniques in the form of tests and documentation. The results showed that the pictorial crossword puzzle media could affect vocabulary mastery in mentally retarded children in class VIII SMPLB Gelora Karya Majalengka. Research shows that before being given treatment the vocabulary of children with mild mental retardation had an average of 51.78 after being given treatment it increased to 79.01. Research shows that the value of Zcount = 2.5 is greater than Ztable 5% (Zt) = 2 (Zh > Zt), then Ho is rejected Ha is accepted, so there is an influence between TTS media on vocabulary mastery of family members in recognition of children with retardation light mentality.It is recommended that school principals pay more attention to the assessment process in carrying out learning because the teacher must know the initial abilities of students and their needs, so that in preparing learning programs they can be adapted to the abilities of students.



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