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Judicial Review on Civil Dispute Resolution Through Mediation in Connection with the Mahkamah Agun Regulation Number 1 Of 2016 Concerning Mediation Procedures in Bandung State Court Class Ia.

Fitri Wahyuni
Herto Santoso
Ahmad Syahid
Rifki Mardiansyah Anugrah
Shodiq Fadholi Ratmoko


Mediation provides a method for disputing parties to implement their own choices, accompanied by care and effort to improve their thinking in order to produce a favorable decision for both parties by taking control of their lives in resolving the disputes they face. Various judicial efforts in Indonesia to bridge the issue of civil dispute resolution through mediation can still be considered insufficient. The issues to be discussed in this study are the position of the peace agreement as the basis of mediation and several obstacles in mediation. According to Article 1 number 10 of the Supreme Court Regulation Number 1 of 2016 concerning Mediation Procedures in the Judiciary, a peace agreement is a document that contains the content of the peace settlement and the judge's decision that reinforces the peace agreement. If the disputing parties reconcile and then request the court to strengthen the peace agreement with a court decision, this agreement is called a peace agreement. The peace agreement is just one form of the outcomes of mediation. Mediation itself is based on negotiation and agreement between the parties involved in the conflict, not on specific legal documents. Therefore, mediation can take place without producing a peace agreement, depending on the decisions of the parties involved. Obstacles in undergoing the mediation procedure carried out by the parties in the District Court as well as the Supreme Court. One of the main obstacles in mediation is the disagreement between the parties involved in the dispute. If one or both parties are unwilling to participate in mediation or do not have a sincere intention to reach an agreement, the mediation process can become difficult or even unproductive.

Keywords: dispute, civil, mediation. ,


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