Vascular complications in adult patients with COVID-19 infection in Margan Hospital, Babylon Governorate, Iraq: (January of 2020 to June of 2021)

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Wallaa Luay Alfalluji*, Ahmed Hasan R. Al.Zurfi, Ali Salih Baay 

Hammurabi Medical College \ University of Babylon/Iraq

This study has been performed for assessment of clinical course and risk factors for vascular thrombotic events in adult inpatients with coronavirus 2019 infection (COVID-19). This infection has become a serious global challenge affect large number of population world wide lead to significant morbidity and mortality specially from vascular disorders. Our study included 900 patients admitted to Margan hospital in Babylon Governorate, Iraq from January of 2020 to June of 2021. 551 (61.2%) was male and 349 (38.8%) was female. Fifty-eight (6.5%) of all patients had vascular complication of different forms. The most frequent type of vascular complications was cerebrovascular accidents involved 23 patients (39.7%) and other types include coronary artery diseases, peripheral vascular diseases and deep venous thrombosis. The mean age of the affected patients with vascular complications was (64 years) while for patients with no vascular complications was (53.17 years). The most frequent associated symptom in affected patients is chest pain (N=15, 25.9%), other symptoms include disturb level of consciousness, lower limb pain, lower limb swelling, side body weakness and shortness of breath. For all 58 patient, the mean SPO2% on admission was 89% and mean of lowest SPO2% was 80% . In this study we perform comparison in certain variables between affected group with vascular complication(N=58) and other non-affected group and this comparison showed that (58.6%) of affected group were smoker and 72.4% with comorbidity while just (5.3%) of non-affected group were smoker and 43.2% with comorbidity, the mean lung involvement by Chest CT-scan was 62% for affected patients group and 45% for other, C-reactive protein(CRP) was positive in 86.2% of affected group and 65.8% of non-affected group. Only 166( 18.4%) of 900 patients were died [18% of them with vascular complications] while the majority of patients (707) ( 78.6%) get complete cure[only 1.5% of them with vascular complications ].

Keywords: COVID-19 infection, study, vascular, complications, comorbidity ,
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