Listeria Infection as the Possible Cause of The Spontaneous Abortion in Fertile Age of Women

Author's Name:

Waleed K. Alkhafaje

Anesthesia Techniques Department, Al-Mustaqbal University College, Babylon, Iraq

Wiaam Hamdan Kshain

Al-Hadi University College/ Bagdad, 10011, Iraq.

Ali Fadhi

Medical technical college, Al-Farahidi University /Baghdad/ Iraq

Mahmood Al-Mualm

Department of Medical Laboratories Technology, AL-Nisour University College/ Baghdad/ Iraq

Mohammed Fadhil

Medical laboratory technology/ Ashur University College/Baghdad/ Iraq

The present study aims to detect the Possible Causes of Spontaneous Abortion in Fertile Age Women by Listeria Infection, a case control study was conducted, including 65 aborted women and 30 healthy women, the results found significant changes in birth number (p 0.016) and in Listeriae infection level (IgG+IgM) (p 0.001) which elevated in the aborted women. the abortion trimester shows that high percentage of abortion were at the first trimester (70.96%), the abortion number mean was (3.86±1.76), low percentage was smokers in both groups in non-significant differences and high percentages of employments in both groups, high percentage of aborted women have an age less than 29 years and lower percentage have aged >40 years, the Listeriae level (IgG+IgM) didn’t affect by age, the Listeriae level (IgG+IgM) according to smoking and occupation were non-significantly affected. The correlation between Listeriae level (IgG+IgM) and the abortion number shows significant positive correlation with abortion number in the first trimester (p 0.024), and non-significant association with n of abortion in the second trimester (p 0.770). The correlation between Listeriae level (IgG+IgM) and no. of birth shows non -significant inverse association (p 0.102), and non-significant association with abortions number (p 0.344). The present study concluded that the abortion can be caused by Listeria Infection of pregnant women in the first trimester.

Keywords: Listeria Infection, Possible Cause, Spontaneous Abortion, In Fertile Age, Women ,
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