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Andrey Svistunov

Academic Biography
Saratov State Medical Institute, the Faculty of Medicine, 1991.

Degrees and Titles
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Doctoral dissertation on “Intercellular Regulation in the Hemostasis System in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease”.

Academic Career
During his studies at the institute, A.A. Svistunov was an active participant in the physiology student circle. Immediately after graduation, he entered residency at the department of clinical pharmacology, after which he worked as a senior researcher at SarRI Cardiology. Over the course of several years he worked on issues of hemostasis in patients with cardiovascular disease. This work formed the basis of his candidate’s dissertation, which was successfully defended in 1993. Continuing his work on hemostasis, Svistunov completed his doctoral dissertation.
Since 2002, Svistunov has worked as an assistant and later as a professor in the pharmacology department. In September 2003, the university decided to split the department into the pharmacology and clinical pharmacology departments. As a result, Svistunov was named head of the pharmacology department.
In 2010, Svistunov was offered the position of pro-rector of the First Moscow State Medical University.

Educational Career
A.A. Svistunov is currently working on the following problems at I.M Sechenov First MSMU:
1.1.1. Organization of courses of study with professional education programs for secondary vocational training and higher education, including bachelor’s, specialist’s, and master’s programs.
1.1.2. The education of citizens of the Russian Federation as well as foreign students by means of professional education programs using federal budget allocations and also using funds from private individuals and (or) legal entities.
1.1.3. Organizing and conducting the state final certification of graduates enrolled in fundamental professional educational programs.
1.1.4. Organizing training of Russian and foreign citizens in additional general education programs funded with federal budget allocations, as well as funded by physical and (or) legal entities.
1.1.5. Organization of the educational process and preparation of university students at a military training center.
1.1.6. Promotion of university graduate employment.
1.1.7. Organization of educational and methodical association activities.
1.1.8. Quality management systems at the university.
1.2. Directly coordinates and supervises: 1.2.1. academic administration. 1.2.2. quality control for specialist training. 1.2.2. medical faculty. 1.2.3. Preventative medicine faculty (as a part of the post-graduate and supplemental vocational training — together with the pro-rector of treatment work). 1.2.4. dentistry faculty. 1.2.5. pharmacy faculty (in terms of post-graduate and supplemental vocational training — together with the pro-rector of treatment work). 1.2.6. faculty of higher nursing education and psycho-social work (in terms of post-graduate and supplemental vocational training — together with the pro-rector of treatment work). 1.2.7. pediatric faculty (in terms of post-graduate and supplemental vocational training — together with the pro-rector of treatment work). 1.2.8. master’s programs center. 1.2.9. pre-university education faculty. 1.2.10. military learning center. 1.2.11. division of information and statistics. 1.2.12. Central Methodological Council. 1.2.13. library. 1.2.14. Center for New Information Technologies. 1.2.15. Center for Continuing Professional Education. 1.2.16. Medicine of Tomorrow Center for Educational Programs for Innovation. 1.2.17. Editorial and Publishing Council. 1.2.18. Center for International Languages. 1.2.19. Dean of foreign students. 1.2.20. International affairs office. 1.2.21. Preparatory department for international students.
1.3. Coordinates and supervises: 1.3.1. admissions board – in terms of organization. 1.3.2. State Licensing Commission – in terms of organization.
1.4. Promotes university cooperation: 1.4.1. with federal executive authorities in the field of education and healthcare on issues falling within the responsibility of the prorector 1.4.2. with the Moscow Department of Health regarding employment assistance for university graduates. 1.4.3. with educational organizations focusing on both general education and professional training programs. 1.4.4. with the Russian Minister of Defense – concerning the military education center, including issues of work training. 1.4.5. with auditing organization and certifying bodies engaging in the certification of management systems for the university.

Honorary Titles, Awards, Prizes
Medal for Service to the Nation, 2nd Degree.
Member of the board of editors for Pharmacoeconomics: Modern Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmatek, Sechenov Bulletin, Medical Education and University Science.
Chairman of the board of the Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (ROSOMED).
Chairman of the coordinating council of Medical League of Russia National Social Organization.

Academic Interests
History of Pharmacy, Principles of personalized pharmacotherapy.

Professional Organizations
Chairman of the coordinating committee of the Medical League of Russia.
Deputy chairman of the Pedagogical Association for Medical and Pharmaceutical Education in Russian Universities.
Deputy chief editor of Medical Education and University Science.

Scientific Publications
The author of more than 130 publications.

Changes in the cytokine profile and reduced function of lymphocyte subpopulations in subacute tetrachloromethane poisoning Scopus
Zabrodskii P. F., Kirichuk V. F., Lim V. G., Balashov S. V., Svistunov Andrei A.
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Lerkanidipine: Evolution of dihydropyridine calcium antagonists continues Scopus
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Pharmacological correction of Th1 and Th2 lymphocyte activity and cytokine profile in ethanol intoxicated rats Scopus
Grichin V.A., Zabrodsky P.F., Kuzmin A.V., Lim V.G., Svistunov A.A., Smurov A.V.

Phosphate binders in chronic kidney disease: The positions of sevelamer Scopus
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Teaching therapeutic disciplines: Vectors of modernization Scopus
Mukhin N. A., Maev I. V., Svistunov A. A., Fomin V. V.

Changes in the Cytokine Profile and Reduced Function of Lymphocyte Subpopulations in Subacute Tetrachloromethane
Poisoning Web of Science
Zabrodskii P. F., Kirichuk V. F., Lim V. G., Balashov S. V., Svistunov A. A.
Russian MVD Belgorod Law Institute Bulletin, volume 147, number 1, year 2009.

Lerkanidipine: Evolution of Dihydropyridine Calcium Antagonists Continues Web of Science
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Life and death of female gametes during oogenesis and folliculogenesis Web of Science
Criel G., D’Herde K., Diez-Fraile A., Krysko D.V., Vandenabeele P., Svistunov A.A.
Krysko Dmitri V., Diez-Fraile Araceli, Criel Godelieve, Svistunov Andrei A., Vandenabeele Peter, D’Herde Katharina

Akademik Vladislav Irinarkhovich Skvortsov (k 130-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya) [Academician Vladislav Irinarkhovich Skvortsov (130th Birthday)]
Zavyalov A.I., Svistunov A.A.
Saratov Science and Medicine Journal, volume 5, number 3, 2009.

Vrach v roli medsestry (The Doctor in the Role of a Nurse)
Gribkov D.M., Svistunov A.A., Shubina L.B.

Geneticheskie osnovy patogeneza essentsial’noy arterial’noy gipertenzii (obzor) [Genetic Foundations of Pathogenesis of Essential Arterial Hypertension (A Survey)]
Borodulin V.B., Bychkov Y.N., Ruta A.V., Svistunov A.A., Shevchenko O.V.

Dinamika vospalitel’nogo protsessa v mochevyvodyashchikh putyakh u detey s obstruktivnymi uropatiyami (The Dynamics of Inflammation of the Urinary Tract in Children with Obstructive Uropathy)
Glybochko P.V., Morozov D.A., Morozova O.L., Svistunov A.A.


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