The journal “History of Medicine” is a peer reviewed academic research journal. Editors focus on the historical aspects in the development of medicine as a science within the contemporary worldviews and social culture. The Journal “History of Medicine” is the first and only journal in Russia on the history of medicine which is published fully in English.

Aims and Scope of the journal:

  • Developing the academic study of the history of medicine as a part of general history of natural science;
  • Historical analysis of the establishment and development of medicine, its leading schools and branches;
  • Studying the roles of the most accomplished scientists in creating new methods and basic medical theories;
  •  Forming discussion groups and conducting historical-medical research within the framework of modern theoretical and methodological approaches in history of natural science;
  • Bringing to light the methodological approaches pertinent to the teaching history of medicine.

Founders of the journal “History of Medicine”:
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation;
Private Nonprofit Organization “Foundation of the development of new medical technologies”.
Published since 2014.
Published quarterly, since 2021 – twice.
The Journal “History of Medicine” is available in print and electronic forms both in Russian and English.
Beginning the first half of 2015, the scientific and practical journal “History of Medicine” will be included in the “Rospechat” catalogue. The subscription index is 70937.

The journal “History of Medicine”:

  • Registered as mass media (registration certificate from PI № FS77-55229 from 4 September, 2013);
  • ISSN 2311-6919 (Russian ed. Print), ISSN 2409-5583 (Russian ed. Online), ISSN 2500-2910 (English ed. Print), ISSN 2409-5834 (English ed. Online);
  • Website in English and Russian languages, where electronic versions of the articles in pdf format are available;
  • The journal is on the list of the peer-reviewed scientific issues recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia for publishing the main results of the dissertations;
  • Presented in the Russian Science Citation Index;
  • Presented in the Federal Electronic Library of Medicine;
  • Indexed in Ulrich’s Periodical Directory;
  • Presented in the EBSCOhost databases and leading international academic and educational organizations (ZB MEDUniversity of ExeterElectronic journals library (EZB)Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB), etc.).
  • Carries out a mandatory delivery.

The primary objective of this journal is to publish original articles, dedicated to generalization of historic and scientific material in order to recreate a holistic picture of establishing and developing of medicine as a science, in the context of the general history of natural science. This will allow the implementation of scientific approach, which has not been previously presented within Soviet and post-Soviet historiography. The priority is given to interdisciplinary research, based on the principal of historicism and a clear understanding of the laws of ontology and gnoseology within history of medicine.

This journal will publish the following:

  • Original scientific articles on the history, philosophy and methodology of medicine, as well as fundamental problems in the formation of medicine as a science within the context of general history of natural science;
  • Materials from archives, sources, translations of articles on the history and philosophy of medicine; methodology of historic and medical research and ideas reflecting important trends in historical analysis and developing principles of medicine as a branch of natural scientific knowledge related to the resolution of theoretical problems of natural scientific and humanitarian character;
  • Academic announcements, notes, reviews of Russian and international scientific work on history and philosophy of medicine.

In the process of publishing the information which is presented in the journal all participants are guided by ethical rules.

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