Academic Biography
I. Franko Lviv State University (graduated in 1972, department of physics; specialization: physics).

Degrees and titles
Doctor of Philosophical Sciences.
Candidate’s dissertation: “Semantic and syntactic analysis of quantum logic”, Lomonosov Moscow State University (specialty 09.00.07 – logic) 1986.
Doctoral dissertation: “Formal phenomenology (calculus, semantics)”, The Institute of Philosophy at the Russian Academy of Sciences (specialization 09.00.07 – logic), 1998.

Academic Career
Lecture courses:
Logical problems of ontology (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Philosophy);
Algebraic methods of non-classical logic (Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Faculty of Philosophy);
Formal ontology (The National Research University Higher School of Economics, the Faculty of Philosophy);
Logic (HSE, the department of software engineering).

Research projects:
Logical pluralism and its ontological and epistemological investigation (Russian Humanities Scientific Fund, 2009-2010);
Philosophical concepts of the Lviv-Warsaw School and a modern interpretation (RHSF, 2009-2010);
The structure of universal logic (RHSF, 2006-2008);
Analytical heritage of the Lviv-Warsaw School and Modernity (RHSF – NAS Ukraine, 2005-2007);
Situational formal phenomenology (conceptual framework, calculus, semantics) (RHSF, 2003-2005);
Quantum logic (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2001-2003);
Categorical logic (RHSF, 1999-2000);
Logical and methodological studies of V. A. Smirnov (RHSF, 1997-1998);
Formal phenomenology (RHSF, 1996).

Honors, Awards and Prizes
Birkhauser publishing house award for the best work on combining logics at the 3rd World Congress on Universal Logic, Lisbon, 2010.
Best teacher of the Faculty of Philosophy, Higher School of Economics, 2011.

Research Interests
Analytical philosophy;
Philosophy of science.

Professional Organizations
Corresponding member (membro correspondente) of the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy (Academia Brasileira de Filosofia).
Professor of the department of logic, Faculty of Philosophy, Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Started working in the NRI, HSE in 2009. Leading research fellow (Center for Basic Research / Laboratory for Philosophical Research).

Scientific Publications
The author of over 120 scientific publications.

Vasyukov V.L., Dragalina-Chernaya E.G., Dolgorukov V.V. Logica Ludicra: aspekty teoretiko-igrovoy semantiki i pragmatiki (Logica Ludicra: aspects of game-theoretic semantics and pragmatics). SPb.: Aleteyya, 2014. 358 p. [in Russian]
Vasyukov V.L. Formal’naya ontologiya (Formal ontology). M.: IF RAN, 2006. 140 p. [in Russian]
Vasyukov V.L. Kvantovaya logika (Quantum logic). M.: PER SE, 2005. 192 p. [in Russian]
Vasyukov V.L. Kategornaya logika (Categorical logic). M.: ANO Institut logiki, 2005. 194 p. [in Russian]
Vasyukov V.L. Formal’naya fenomenologiya (Formal phenomenology). M.: Nauka, 1999. 223 p. [in Russian]

Science articles:
Vasyukov V. L. On Metalogical Relativism. The Road to Universal Logic. Basel : Birkhauser/Springer, 2015. P. 495-511.
Vasyukov V.L. Logika Galena: nasledie Aristotelya ili nauchnaya innovatsiya? (Galen’s logic: Aristotle’s legacy or scientific innovation?). Istoriya meditsiny, V.2. №1., 2015. P. 5-16. [in Russian]
Vasyukov V.L. Mezhdistsiplinarnost’: logicheskiy analiz (Interdisciplinarity: logical analysis. Epistemology and philosophy of science). Epistemologiya i filosofiya nauki. V. 41. № 3 (40). 2014. P. 53-71. [in Russian]
Vasyukov V.L. Konstruktivizatsiya kognitivnykh aspektov vospriyatiya vizual’nogo obraza. Aktual’nye problemy sovremennoy kognitivnoy nauki. Materialy sed’moy vserossiyskoy nauchno-prakticheskoy konferentsii s mezhdunarodnym uchastiem (16-18 oktyabrya 2014 goda) [Constructivizations of cognitive aspects of the perception of the visual image. Actual problems of modern cognitive science. Materials from the 7th All-Russian Practical-Scientific Conference with international participation (October 16-18, 2014)]. Ivanovo: OAO “Izd-vo “Ivanovo”, 2014. P. 26-28. [in Russian]
Vasyukov V. Reltoses for Relevant Logics. The 5-th World Congress on Paraconsistency (WCP5). February 13-17, 2014. Indian Statistical Institute. Kolkata. 2014. P. 86-88.
Vasyukov V.L. “Novyy sintez” i logicheskiy funktsionalizm (“The new synthesis” and logical functionalism). V kn.: Problema soznaniya v mezhdistsiplinarnoy perspective. Otv. red.: V.A. Lektorskiy (From the publication: The problem of consciousness in an interdisciplinary perspective. Pub. Ed. V. A. Lektorsky). M.: Kanon+, 2014. P. 209-216. [in Russian]

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