Academic Biography
1st Moscow Medical Institute, 1956 (present-day I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University).

Degrees and titles
Doctor of Medical Sciences (1989), Professor (1991).
Dissertation topic: “Therapeutic schools and their role in the development of cardiology in the USSR”.

Scientific activities
1956-1958 – Clinical resident at the Institute of Therapy at the Academy of Medical Sciences.
1958-1960 – Head of the therapy department and deputy chief physician at the Salekhard district hospital.
1962-1973 – at the “Medicine” publishing house: executive secretary of the “Paramedic and Midwife” journal, editorial head of therapeutic and reference books and a doctor at Moscow City Clinical Hospital № 53.
1973-1988 – Medical team leader at the Soviet Encyclopedia publishing house.
1988-1993 – Deputy general director of the Medical Encyclopedia NGO. Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
1993-2007 – deputy chief editor of the Great Russian Encyclopedia (1993-2001) and the Encyclopedia (2001-2007). Simultaneously – professor of the history of medicine and cultural studies at the Moscow Medical Academy (1989), chief researcher at the Institute of History of Medicine at the Academy of Medical Sciences (from 2007).
V. I. Borodulin’s main scientific works are devoted to problems of the history of clinical medicine; scientific and clinical schools; medical encyclopedia science; on emergency diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases, xeroradiograph diagnosis of heart diseases.
Developed scientific biographies of prominent physicians;
G. F. Lang, V. F. Zelenin, A. L. Myasnikov; in conjunction with staff members – biographies of G. I. Sokolsky, V. P. Obraztsov, F.O. Gausman, D. D. Pletnev, E. E. Fromgold, M. I. Pevzner, investigated the role of M. Servet in the history of the doctrine of blood circulation and W. Heberden in the development of European clinical medicine.

Honors, Awards and Prizes
“Excellence in Print” (1972), “Excellence in Health Care” (1976), “In Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow” Medal (1997), “Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation” (1997).

Research Interests
History of clinical medicine, the development of a xeroradiography diagnostic method (in cases of heart defects) and issues of urgent diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases.

Professional Organizations
Member of the Journalists’ Union (1966-1990). Member of the dissertation councils at the N. A. Semashko Institute of Health Care Management at the USSR Ministry of Health and the I. M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy. Member of the audit commission at International Society of Historians of Medicine.

Scientific Publications
The author of over 200 scientific publications on the history of medicine, as well as on emergency medical care and clinical xeroradiography (including eight monographs, tutorials and manuals).

Compiler of a popular series of guides for practicing doctors, including the «Spravochnik prakticheskogo vracha» (pod red. A.I. Vorob’eva) [Directory of Practitioners (ed. A. I. Vorobiev)], containing 14 publications; co-author and editor of the eponymous guide Klinicheskie sindromy i simptomy [Clinical Syndromes and Symptoms]. М., 2007. Essays: A. L. Myasnikov (co-auth.). М., 1967; Vvedenie v klinicheskuyu elektrorentgenografiyu [Introduction to clinical xeroradiography]. М., 1971; G. F. Lang. М., 1976; Ocherki istorii otechestvennoy kardiologii [Essays on the history of Russian cardiology]. М., 1988; Ekstrennaya meditsinskaya pomoshch’ [Emergency medical assistance – 8th ed. (ed.)]. М., 2006; Bol’shoy meditsinskiy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’ [Big Medical Encyclopedia – 4th ed. (co-auth.; Ed.)]. М., 2007; Istoriya klinicheskoy meditsiny ot istokov do serediny 19-go veka. Lektsii [History of clinical medicine from its origins to the mid-19th century. Lectures]. – M., 2008; Istoriya meditsiny Rossii. Klinika vnutrennikh bolezney vo vtoroy polovine XIX – pervoy polovine XX veka. Tsikl lektsiy [History of medicine in Russia. Department of internal medicine in the second half of the 19th to the first half of the 20th century. Lecture series]. – M., 2011; Vladimir Filippovich Zelenin: vremya i sud’ba [Vladimir F. Zelenin: time and fate]. – M., 2012 (v soavt.); Klinicheskaya meditsina v dvadtsatom veke. Ocherki istorii [Clinical medicine in the 20th century. Historical outlines]. – M., 2012 (v soavt.); Moskovskie terapevticheskie shkoly. 20-e – 40-e gody 20-go veka [Moscow therapeutic schools. 1920s to 1940s]. – M., 2013 (v soavt.); Al’manakh istorii meditsiny: neizvestnye i spornye stranitsy [Almanac of the history of medicine: unknown and controversial episodes]. – M., 2014 (v soavt.; red.).

Author/editor of online encyclopedias:
• Vsemirnyy biograficheskiy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’ (World Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary). [in Russian]
• Rossiyskiy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’ (Russian Encyclopedic Dictionary). [in Russian]
Author/editor of electronic encyclopedias:
• Vsemirnyy biograficheskiy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’ (World Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary), 2008. [in Russian]
Author/editor of print encyclopedias:
• Bol’shoy meditsinskiy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’ (Big Medical Encyclopedic Dictionary), 2007. [in Russian]
• Vsemirnyy biograficheskiy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’ (World Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary), 1998. [in Russian]
• Illyustrirovannyy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’ (Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary), 2000. [in Russian]
• Noveyshaya entsiklopediya ekstrennoy meditsinskoy pomoshchi: spravochnik praktikuyushchego vracha [The New Encyclopedia of Emergency Medical Aid: A guide for the practitioner], 2006, 2007, 2008. [in Russian]
• Noveyshiy meditsinskiy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’ (The New Medical Encyclopedic Dictionary), 2009. [in Russian]
• Rossiyskiy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’. V 2 knigakh. Kniga 1. A — N (Russian Encyclopedic Dictionary. In two volumes. Book 1. A – N), 2001. [in Russian]
• Rossiyskiy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar’. V 2 knigakh. Kniga 2. N — Ya (Russian Encyclopedic Dictionary. In two volumes. Book 2. N – Ya), 2001. [in Russian]
• Ekstrennaya meditsinskaya pomoshch’: spravochnik praktikuyushchego vracha (Emergency Medical Assistance: A guide for the practitioner), 2006. [in Russian]

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