Abstracts in scientific journals are a source of information about the content of the articles. The basic requirements for abstracts include informational content and originality. An abstract must be clearly structured and logically composed.
The purpose of the abstracts:
– it allows us to understand the main content of the text;
– it is used in various search engines.
The abstract should include the subject, the topic, the aim of the work, methods and methodology of the research, results and the scope of application, the conclusions.
Conclusions should be precisely and informatively described. The focus should be on the new data or findings that significantly complement or refute generally accepted theories and that are of practical importance.
An abstract should contain no background information, well-known provisions or historical references, if they are not the main content of the document.
When drafting an abstract, keep in mind: its content must be understandable and interesting to the scientific community, including its foreign representatives and it should reflect, without resorting to the full text, the most complete indication of the level of study.

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