V.K. Ronin
University of Leuven, Antwerp Campus, Belgium

Hundreds of immigrant doctors from Russia were involved in the formation of the health system in Africa during the colonial years. Petersburger Pyotr Dyleff (1888−1978) devoted 35 years of his life to the dark continent. True to the traditions of Russian country doctors, he not only healed the sick but also developed a network of hospitals and dispensaries. For decades, on his own initiative, he tirelessly trained nurses and paramedics from the local community. Deeply attached to the Congolese and understanding them, the 72-year-old doctor was one of the few white doctors who did not leave the former Belgian colony during the most difficult first year of its independence (1960).

Keywords: P.K. Dyleff , medicine in the Congo, immigrant doctors from Russia, Russians in Africa, epidemiology

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