Igor V. Karpenko, Maria S. Sergeevа, Viktor G. Belykh, Galina N. Volovchenko,
Dmitry V. Gavryuchenkov
FSAEI HE I.M. Sechenov First MSMU MOH Russia (Sechenov University)
8 Trubetskaya St., building 2, Moscow 119991, Russia

Nowadays a military doctor can perform his duties at a high professional level only when he, along with General medical knowledge has a complex of military-medical disciplines, such as military field surgery, military hygiene, organization and tactics of medical service, and other. At the time, our great compatriot N.I. Pirogov described the war as a “traumatic epidemic”. Hence the importance of knowledge of military-field surgery military physician, which is difficult to overestimate. The article presents a historical picture of the implementation of military-field surgery, first in hospital schools, then at the Saint Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy and then in Soviet times at the Military medical Academy of the red army. It is shown that the specific issues of military-field surgery were read occasionally in hospital schools of the 18th century, mainly in anticipation of or in the course of military conflicts, graduates of hospital schools, going to the theater оf operations. For the first time private issues of military

surgery can be found in the program of the Department of Theoretical Surgery of Saint Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy which was presented in 1844 by the Professor P.A. Dubovitsky. The next step was the establishment of the Academy in 1869 the first independent course of military surgery. The course was intended for military doctors sent annually to the Academy for improvement in military field surgery. Since 1879 this course began to be studied and students of Saint Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy. The completion of the formation of the teaching of this discipline was the establishment in 1936 at the Academy of the first in the USSR independent Department of military surgery, which was headed by a famous scientist-surgeon V.A. Oppel.

Keywords: history of surgery, military medical education, military field surgery, medical specialty, medical education

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