DOI: 10.17720/2409-5834.v4.1.2017.03c

Irina V. Myasnikova, Arkady I. Zavyalov
FSBEI HE V.I. Razumovsky Saratov SMU MOH Russia

Milestones are presented in the life and work of I.I. Molleson (1842−1920) – one of the fi rst zemstvo public health doctors of Russia. Having successfully graduated in 1865 from the Faculty of Medicine of the Imperial Kazan University, Molleson joined the zemstvo service in the Buguruslan county of Samara province, then worked as a factory physician in the Spassky Zaton in the Kazan province. From 1869, Molleson was a zemstvo doctor for the Yaransk county in the Vyatka province where, on behalf of the Zemstvo county assembly, he produced an expanded plan and program of responsibilities for the public health doctor. In June 1871, Molleson was invited by the chairman of the Perm provincial council, D.D. Smyshlyaev, to take up the position of attending physician at the Zemstvo district hospital, and in 1872 – to take the position of provincial public health doctor. A year later, Molleson fi rst began working as a zemstvo doctor and then as a public health doctor in Shadrinsk district of the Perm province, where, at the county rural council, he organized and headed at Russia’s fi rst medical and health council, which directed all the medical activities of the county. After the transfer of the medical-sanitary council to the advisory body, Molleson left as chairman of the service, and returned to the position of Zemstvo district doctor in the Olkhovsky medical district, where for the fi rst time in Russia, charity funds were used to organize a seasonal nursery. During the Russian-Turkish War, he was drafted into the army, and served eight months as a regimental doctor. In 1879, for eight months, Molleson was seconded to fi ght the plague in the Astrakhan province. In 1881−1883, he worked as a zemstvo doctor in Irbit, then worked as an editor of two publications (Perm Zemstvo Digest and Perm Epidemiological Paper) in the Perm Province’s Zemstvo District. Thereafter, Molleson headed the public health bureau in Saratov (1889−1897), Tambov (1897−1906) and Kaluga (1906−1911) provinces. He actively participated in preparing and conducting provincial Zemstvo district doctor congresses, edited magazines, published a number of scientifi c papers on the state of the general population’s health and organized public health aff airs. In conclusion, Molleson is considered to have made a signifi cant contribution to the development of zemstvo public health medicine.

Keywords: I.I. Molleson, zemstvo doctor, sanitary doctor, public health

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