DOI: 10.17720/2409-5834.v3.3.2016.28s

Konstantin K. Vasylyev1, Yuriy K. Vasylyev2
1 Odessa National Medical University
2 Sumy State University
The article discusses the activities of the Ukrainian Scientific Society of Medical Historians in the Soviet (1959-1991) and post-Soviet (from 1991) periods. The authors emphasize its connection with the All-Union Scientific Medical History Society, the creation of which in 1946 provided for the formation of republic-wide and city-based (regional) societies. The article contains biographical information regarding the chairmen of the Ukrainian Scientific Medical History Society (from 1971 – the Ukrainian Republican Scientific Society of Medical Historians): K.F. Duplenko, K.G. Vasiliev, A.A. Grando, B.P. Kryshtop and other Ukrainian historians of medicine. The article covers their research. The work of the society’s Ukrainian medical history conferences, as well as the all-union and international congresses and conferences, which were attended by Ukrainian historians of medicine, are also covered. The authors pay particular attention to local medical history societies established in different cities of the Ukrainian SSR (in Lviv, Kiev, Kharkiv, and others) and the interregional, regional and city conferences held by these societies. Also reviewed is the work of the Ukrainian Scientific Society of Medical Historians after the collapse of the Soviet Union under new socio-economic and political conditions. Deprived of planned state support, the regional medical history societies’ disorganization is mentioned. As an example of the achievements of the Ukrainian society of medical historians in the1990s and 2000s, the authors chronicle the medical history conferences held on the initiative of individual researchers in Nikolaev, Kiev, Ternopil, and Sumy, as well as the participation of Ukrainian medical historians in a number of international scientific congresses and conferences.

Keywords: history of medicine, medical history societies, Ukrainian Society of Medical Historians

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