K.K. Vasylyev1, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor at the Department of the Social Medicine

Yu.K. Vasylyev2, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant of the Department of the Social Medicine

1 The Odessa National Medicine University (Ukraine);

2 Sumy State University (Ukraine)

This article is dedicated to the life and work of Professor E.A. Uspensky – doctor of medical sciences, medical service colonel and head of the department of pathological anatomy at N.I. Pirogov Odessa Medical Institute. His life is typical of representatives of the Russian intelligentsia, who have received their higher education in the early years of Soviet government. A graduate of the 1st Moscow University, Uspensky was sent to work in the Lipetsk region. Then, at the Leningrad Institute of Advanced Medical Studies, under the leadership of Professor B.S. Doynikov, he worked on pathomorphology of the central and peripheral nervous system. As a military doctor, Uspensky took part in the Soviet-Finnish War and the Great Patriotic War, which largely determined the direction of his subsequent scientific work. His areas of interest were neuropathology and histoneurology of gunshot wounds. Uspensky’s military medical work was included in the founding publication “Soviet medical experience in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945”, which provided an insightful and comprehensive analysis of the issues of military pathology. After the war, his attention was focused on the study of the morphology of cancer processes in the nervous system and the nature of the morphological changes in it when tumor metastases are present. In the last stage of his career, Uspensky headed the department of pathological anatomy at the Odessa Medical Institute and was engaged in research and teaching activities.

Keywords: E.A. Uspensky, life and work, the Great Patriotic War, the history of pathological anatomy, the history of medicine

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Published in Vol. 3. №4, 2015

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