N.I. Briko, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Department of Epidemiology and Empirical Medicine

T.V. Sokоlova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

V.V. Klushkina, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Teaching Assistant

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow (Russian Federation)

The article presents a multi-faceted activity of the outstanding scientist F.F. Erisman, whose bright talent appeared in Russia, where he lived and worked for more than twenty years. Erisman’s name, rightly, associated with the development of hygiene as an independent science, but epidemiologists recognize his outstanding contribution to the development of epidemiology. Seemingly, proceedings of the scientist have nothing to do with epidemiology in its classic sense, but in fact fully consistent with modern concepts of epidemiological studies. The content of large-scale works illustrates the course of events from the detailed description of morbidity, mortality in population and establish the reasons behind their appearance, as well as practical recommendations for elimination of revealed negative facts. A talented scientist entered the cohort of the best representatives of Russian public medicine, who came to the conclusion that the epidemic is a social phenomenon. F.F. Erisman and other Russian hygienists have shown that the spread of epidemics is connected with vulnerable social conditions. A broad-minded scientist, F.F. Erisman contributed to the development of preventive medicine, in the bosom of which evolved epidemiology.

Keywords: F.F. Erisman, public health, preventive medicine, hygiene, epidemiology, epidemiological studies, epidemic diseases, Moscow University; Department of hygiene, epidemiology, police and medical statistics

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Published in Vol. 3. №1, 2015

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