V.I. Borodulin1, S.P. Glyantsev1, S.V. Dronova2, K.A. Pashkov2, A.V. Topolyansky2

1 National Research Institute of Public Health at the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Moscow;

2 A.I. Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

The article presents the organizational development criteria of a new scientific discipline – clinics of internal medicine in the Soviet Union – and information about the tragic fate of the first therapeutic institutions in the USSR. It describes in detail the history of the formation of the clinic complex at the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences’ All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine, and the establishment of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences’ Therapeutic Institute. The role of the first directors of the institute – V.F. Zelenin and A.L. Myasnikov – in its founding, creation

Keywords: history of medicine, internal diseases, Academy of Medical Sciences AMS of the USSR, institute of therapy, V.F. Zelenin, A.L. Myasnikov

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