L.B. Likhterman

N.N. Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery, Moscow

Reveals the concept of the “philosophy of neurosurgery,” including the genesis, meaning and purpose of this clinical discipline and neuroscience, basic principles, patterns of development and direction of research and treatment of neuropathology, interdisciplinary connections, the specific outlook of neurosurgeons, understanding of tools and methods for the introduction of scientific, clinical, technological and humanitarian knowledge as applied to problems of neurosurgery. Reflects on the philosophical quest of neurosurgery’s founders. Demonstrates the philosophy of neurosurgery is practically implemented through clinical reasoning and conceptual approaches to surgical interventions on the brain and spinal cord. Philosophical approaches are revealed that can successfully oppose hyposkillia and doctor and patient disconnection syndrome. Demonstrates the philosophy of neurosurgery preserves the integrity of the perception of neurosurgery in the face of increasing technification and differentiation and a systematic approach to the patient.

Keywords: philosophy of medicine, clinical reasoning, conceptual approaches, scientific knowledge, neuroimaging

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