T.I. Surovtseva

The forming of the “Society of competition of medical and physics sciences” (1804) – the first scientific medical society, became an important step in the development of natural science in the Medical Faculty of the Moscow University. The articles of association, confirmed in 1804, gave the Moscow University a status of a highest European educational institution, solidified its right to form scientific societies and in doing so, established its position as one of the key scientific centers of the nation. From the very beginning of its existence, the society attracted the attention of the educated citizens of Russia. Not just the professors of the Moscow University have made their contribution to the society, but also the practicing physicians of Moscow and medical community from all corners of the country. The results of the scientific work of the members of the society were used in the educational process, as well as implemented into the Russian medical practice.

Keywords: natural science, society, Moscow University, medicine, professor

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