E.N. Shulga

Eugenics represents one of the most captivating projects of improving humankind, and as a scientific branch has its own history, philosophic foundations, culture-historical prerequisites and motives. If in the early stages of history it was considered as the basis for supporting physical and moral health within family, then, later, it was recognized as the scientifically proven concept, which defines the perspectives of practical and social regulations of preventing various deviations: physical, mental and moral imperfections of people. The article reviews conceptual positions of Eugenics, criticizing its weak sides and pointing towards all possible perspectives, which are relevant due to the progress in medical genetics, sociobiology, biopolitics and evolutional epistemology.

Keywords:Eugenics, evolution, heredity, intellect, genius, degeneracy, use, social regulation

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Published in №1, 2014

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